Devil Take Me
by Anna J Evans, fantasy (2008)
Samhain Publishing, $5.50, ISBN 1-60504-057-6

What kind of man would cheat on his fiancée with another woman while the fiancée is away buying some beer for him? A jerk, I know, but he's either a very confident jerk or one afflicted with premature ejaculatory problems. During a trip to the store to get some beer. Someone should tell that man that even if it's called a quickie, it shouldn't be that quick. At any rate, Annie Theopilus has self-esteem issues due to her constant streak of bad luck in her life and I can understand why she put up with that jerk Roger for so long. The poor dear thinks she is finally lucky for the first time ever since that out-of-control clown car killed her parents on her first ever trip to the circus as a child. At any rate, having a cheater for a beau is the latest of poor Annie's constant bad luck.

Interestingly enough, Annie's constant bad luck may be coming to an end thanks to a most unexpected source: a denizen from down under and we aren't talking about koala bears here. Namtar, a courtier to Queen Ereshkigal, is convinced that his liege is becoming increasingly out of control and if he wants to make sure that everything doesn't collapse in the Kingdoms of the Land Beneath, he has a plan that involves Annie of all people. His original intention is to use and discard Annie as a necessary collateral damage, but you know how these things can be, I'm sure. Meanwhile, Annie's now ex-fiancée turns out to be on the psychotic side himself while Queen Ereshkigal is not happy with Namtar.

If I have any complains, it's how the characters are more in lust at the first sight than anything else. The main characters are also preoccupied with sex, maybe a little too much at moments that aren't the most conducive for carnal activities, hence the presence of a few "You've got to be kidding me!" moments here. But on the whole, Devil Take Me is a lot of fun. Annie naturally blossoms from a wallflower doormat into a more confident woman with a wild streak while Namtar is a pretty cool hero. The setting is well actualized, the pacing never falters, and I've had plenty of smashing good fun reading this one. Seriously, this one is a blast!

Devil Take Me indeed, I think I'd enjoy another visit to this world.

Rating: 87

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