Back To The Bedroom
by Janet Evanovich, contemporary (2005, 1989 reissue)
Harper, $7.50, ISBN 0-06-059885-9

Katherine Finn just reeks of poshdom. She is a world-class violinist who looks gorgeous. She is also David Dodd's next door neighbor. David, of course, wouldn't be living in the posh neighborhood if he hadn't won one million dollars in the lottery. Worse, his house is a veritable toy land, and he doesn't seem to have a job. Kate + Dave = no way Jose.

But never fear, a push towards matrimony comes when a helicopter drops something heavy right through Kate's bedroom roof, crashing her bed in the process. Guess who offers a place for our heroine to sleep. But can Ms Posh and Mr Happy-go-lucky find a middle ground? Add in zany undercover cops using Dave's house to spy on some drug dealers, and Aunt Elsie dropping by to rent a room in Kate's place, and everyone goes home laughing.

Well, Back To The Bedroom is one of the better Loveswepts by this author - fun, zany, and who can resist Dave? Aunt Elsie's love life (if you can call it that) is always a hoot, and the cops? Hilarious. The romance isn't too bad too. A bit light on characterization, but it's still fun.

All in all, perfect summer read.

Rating: 83

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