by Justine Davis, contemporary (2004)
Silhouette Bombshell, $5.50, ISBN 0-373-51316-X

Things I learn from Justine Davis' first book for Silhouette Bombshell:

(a) She has a new series out. It will star a group of women trained to be as capable as men for military and government posts in a school called the Athena Academy. These women graduates call themselves the Cassandras. I don't know if this is because they have an affinity to Cassandra, the poor oracle who nobody listens to and ends up getting killed by the wife of her rapist after the siege of Troy, or it's because the Cassandras sounds better than the Pussycats or other "cute" names. She wants everybody to buy all the books in the series.

(b) The heroine of Proof, Alexandra Forsythe, may be an Athena but she's more like Electra, desperate for her daddy's love even if it's not worth it, and dumba (hey, at least it rhymes) for being engaged to a man that's so obviously wrong for her. Why is a tedious Silhouette Desire heroine doing in a Silhouette Bombshell book? Isn't this a kick ass heroine story? Get her out! Out!

(c) Her friend died and she's here to investigate.

(d) She meets an ally who calls himself Dark Angel. Seriously, Dark Angel. A male agent calling himself Dark Angel. Please don't confuse him with Max, the heroine of the now canceled TV series of the same name. It could be worse, I guess, Dark Angel could have been called Tuxedo Rose.

(e) I still don't know what happened to that dead Cassandra. I guess I will have to read the next book if I care to know. Which I don't, because this book is slow, filled with tedious back story of the Athena Academy, and crammed with unanswered questions that are obvious gimmicks for me to read the next book.

In short, this is a badly-plotted book with minimal characterization and filled with "You're kidding me, right?" moments. It's an advertisement for a series first, a standalone book a distant second. Needless to say, I feel like I've been taken for a ride, and it's a ride to an unbelievably dull destination to boot.

Rating: 53

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