Liaisons In Jubilee
by Jamie Craig, contemporary (2007)
Samhain Publishing, $2.50, ISBN 1-59998-587-X

The title is a reference to the parties Katie Mayes and Caleb Beckett throw behind closed doors for each other in Jubilee Hotel in Miami. The problem is, she's the Executive Manager of the resort while Caleb is the - heh - Entertainment Director. I bet he's doing a pretty job. However, the company has a strict policy that forbids the employees from testing out the beds of the resort with each other. When Katie realizes that her mentor knows about the affair, she decides to listen to him when he tells her to choose between Caleb or her career. She decides to give Caleb the cold shoulder. Caleb however is not going to let their relationship go down the drain without a fight.

I like Liaisons In Jubilee. What I really like about it is how author Jamie Craig manages to show me why those two characters can evolve from being happy shagbuddies for a few months every year to something more. There are plenty of sex here, complete with some mild bondage elements, but throughout everything, the fact that the characters like and care for each other comes through pretty well for me. I also appreciate how Katie is allowed to have a career, be good at it, and want to keep having that career without being dumped on her choices by the author.

Simply put, Liaisons In Jubilee has everything come together most nicely.

Rating: 83

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