Gothic Blue
by Portia Da Costa, paranormal (2007, 1996 reissue)
Black Lace Books, $7.99, ISBN 978-0-352-33075-8

Gothic Blue is a paranormal erotica with magic and evil sorceresses. We have young lovers Belinda Seward and Jonathan Sumner who seek shelter from a storm and end up in a creepy estate called Sedgewick Priory. They are soon getting into all kinds of kinky antics with the master of the place, one Count André von Kassel, and his three mute staff members (one man, two women). But André is no normal man, however, he is actually over four hundred years old, the victim of a curse of the sorceress Isidora Katori that tears him from his beloved Arabelle. He hopes that these two can help him die so that he can finally be reunited with Belle.

The good thing about Gothic Blue is that the atmosphere is pretty well-done. The estate is beautifully described. Unfortunately, the main players in this story are pretty bland. Jonathan is dull, Belinda is sweet and shag-worthy but nondescript in every other way. André is lovelorn and prone to sighs but he lacks the larger-than-life Master of His Domain qualities to make him a memorable character. Isidora shows up for the climatic moment in this story but she unfortunately turns out to be pretty dim and is easily vanquished in a most anticlimatic manner.

I find Gothic Blue a rather average read, mostly because I cannot remember much about Belinda, Jonathan, or André once I'm done with this book. I can't easily remember any sex scene that stands out in my mind either. This book is sort of just being there in the "I've read better, I've read worse" territory. It is a pretty readable story, but I find it too easy to forget this story once I'm done with it.

Rating: 66

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