Saucy Minx
by Ann Cory, contemporary (2008)
Liquid Silver Books, $5.95, ISBN 978-1-59578-396-7

The heroine is called Minx in this story. I think author Ann Cory doesn't like me and knows that I am allergic to cheese so she deliberately calls her heroine Minx. By the time the sequel with a heroine named Vixen comes out, I'd have passed out from the pain.

Minx works in a pizza parlor called Pesto's Pizzeria. She's also in university, plus she also runs a website called Love Stinks. The website - like this story - deals with scents and how they enhance the sensuality in a relationship. Minx is infatuated with a regular at the pizza parlor, a man called Holden MacKenzie, and she decides that he's going to be her guinea pig in testing out her various theories about scents as aphrodisiac. You can guess what happens between the two of them.

The problem I have with Saucy Minx is this: I find it very hard to get into the story. For a long time, the story is taking its time to meander around aimlessly that I begin to feel restless. The characters exchange conversations that feel really stilted and unnatural and I also have a hard time seeing the characters as anything but one-dimensional types. I'm sorry, but I find this story a chore to read because I find the slow pace, unrealistic dialogs, and uninteresting treatment of an otherwise interesting premise all come together to produce a snooze of a story. I guess the author's writing style just doesn't do it for me, at least in this book.

Rating: 52

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