Tempting Mr Wright
by Sue Civil-Brown, contemporary (2000)
Avon, $5.99, ISBN 0-380-81179-0

If the author's last two books are an overkill in lunatic secondary characters, this time around she has given the tigers, pandas, llamas, crazy grannies, and dancing polkadot hippos the sack, removed all the cheerleading hangalongs, and gone back to basics.

Which means Taming Mr Wright is a no-nonsense funny contemporary romance with two main character working their way into bed and matrimony. It doesn't break any new grounds, but it'll do more than nicely for me.

Tess Marrow and Jack Wright are never best friends ever since their parents got married to each other and made them stepsiblings. Never mind that she thinks he filled those jeans very well or he thinks she fills those bras in first-class style. But when they have to spend Thanksgiving playing Hardy Boy and Nancy Drew in The Case of Our Missing Parents, they have more than ample chance to spark.

This story may as well be the shopping list of all "fun romantic contemporary romances". Humor? Check. Insecure heroine? Check. Beta rich hero? Check. There's nothing new, nothing exciting, just one nice helluva comfort read between the covers of Tempting Mr Wright.

But hey, we can't always expect visionary works from authors. For a few hours of nice, undemanding ride in Florida - where impossiby perfect men in tight jeans and women in bikinis parade by - this book will more than fit the bill.

Rating: 84

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