Why You Should Not Listen to SJWs

Posted June 10, 2016 by Mrs Giggles in Rants & Thoughts / 3 Comments

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Found this on Pinterest. Pretty sure it's not a real book.
Found this on Pinterest. Pretty sure it’s not a real book.


The romance community has always been a bit Social Justice Warrior-ish, but their numbers have proliferated for a while back at around the same time when straight women thought it’d be cool to drop phrases like “cis-privilege” and “cultural appropriation” regardless of context. So much so that I sometimes long for those dreadfully boring days when romance readers only complained about erotic scenes and how only Nora Roberts was writing “good” romance novels.

The good thing about the fragmented community these days is that it is easy to avoid most of these SJWs. They congregate in select corners of Goodreads, blogs, or Twitter, but occasionally a few of them would show up in other people’s conversations to start screeching and wailing about how offensive these people are being, often causing a few of these people to flounce, before leaving on a cloud of smug sense of superiority.

Anyway, I can tell you from my experience that these SJWs can be easily dismissed. Sure, what they seem to be talking about makes sense – we all want a better world, no? But their ideology is dumb, which brings me to my first reason why you should just roll up your eyes the next time you see them yammering about this -ism and that -phobia.

Their ideology is based on condemnation rather than affirmation. 
Yes, they talk a lot about ending racism and what not, but they are so smug and insufferable, often condemning but never offering any workable resolution. For example, they will screech that all men are rapists, but instead of proposing workable solutions to address this issue (which is built on hyperbole rather than reality, but I digress), they just come up with stupid hashtags and get their fellow harpies together to attack anyone who dares to disagree. All men are rapists, so #killallmen! Start college initiatives that berate all male students for being rapists-in-training and keep reminding them that they cannot be trusted, because if they are left alone, they will surely start raping everyone! Does that method work with anyone? A lot of times, these SJWs are condemning, pointing fingers, and see oppression and offense in everything, and my theory is that they do all this to make themselves feel better. I suspect that if you unpeel their layers, you will find some psychological and emotional damage that make them lash out – it’s their defense mechanism. That or they are just idiots. Either way, don’t engage. Be a nice person and pray instead that they get counseling or psychiatric medications to make themselves feel better or… if they are just idiots, hope that they fall down, hit their heads, and the impact somehow trigger some latent intelligence in them and make them smart when they come to.

They always come up with the stupidest mental gymnastics.
To them, sexism is when a man spreads his legs a little too wide apart in a subway train, and the poor woman naturally can’t tell the man to put those legs back a little closer because #oppression. Racism is the college inviting a speaker whose ideology they disagree with, so #omgtriggered FIRE EVERYONE RUNNING THE COLLEGE NOW OR WE WILL RIOT. Transphobia is when you are a trans man but you still have a vagina, and thus, when a woman tells you that she is not keen on sleeping with someone with a vagina because she doesn’t swing that way, OMG SHE IS A TRANSPHOBE SO TRIGGERED #killallcispeople. When they can’t get a job because they majored in genderqueer anarchy punk studies, instead of something actually marketable, it’s because they are a woman, POC, lesbian, whatever so OMG patriarchy.

If you look a bit deeper into their more personal Tumblr or Tweet stuff, chances are, you will find that they are all middle to upper class people, often with very awkward social skills paired with an insufferable sense of self-entitlement. The world must go their way, or they will get triggered. Think: do you really want to argue with these creepy grown-up children? If you really need to vent or release steam, take comfort in the realization that these people would wilt when they have to face the real world.

Many are hypocrites who move goalposts and cherry pick.
If you look closely at what they shriek about and what they actually do, a lot of time you will see that they behave exactly in ways that they condemn others for. American authors writing about British people in the 19th century, imposing modern day American values on these people, who will berate a poor white woman who Instagram’ed herself wearing a kimono for being a cultural appropriator. Straight women who write about gay, bisexual, or transexual people having sex – for money, mind you – lecturing other people for disrespecting LGBT people and pretending to know how oppressed these people are, and these women get bonus points for lecturing readers on how LGBT people should think and feel, super bonus points if the people they are lecturing are, in fact, LGBT people. Straight white women scolding people for not promoting diversity in books when there is no evidence that they themselves are reading “diversity books”.

And if you point out their hypocrisies, expect logic-breaking arguments such as “women/gay people/people of color cannot be racists or -phobes because they are oppressed”. Trying to win is like taking part in an e-peen competition, only this time, instead of e-peens, we are comparing oppression points. The winning party gets the prize not because of the nature of her opinion, but because of her race, genetic make up, and sexuality.

Some won’t even bother to rebut you. They will just point out that they are beautiful and proud women, so any disagreement with them is a sign of misogyny and bullying on your part.

Not to mention, SJWs work in swarms, and if you make one wrong step, they may even reveal your real name and address to all and sundry, all the while howling for the termination of your day job and even life itself.

You will never win, so why bother in the first place?

Some tend to have commercial reasons to play the SJW card.
Authors championing diversity because they just happen to have a new book out with people of color in the main roles. Trumpeting SJW values get lots of clicks and shares because many people feel like they are good people for doing this – great for the ego and for bloggers and such who want to show advertisers a reason to keep buying ad space from them. Others are authors who think that cozying up to the big queen bee SJWs will net them popularity and sales.

The last is a fallacy because (a) most of these SJWs spend their waking hours scouring the Web for things to get offended by – they will not have time to read, (b) most of them will never buy a book, as they depend on ARCs and freebies, (c) their fans won’t buy books either because they are only there for the outrage culture, and (d) they will turn on the author in a heartbeat; all the author has to do is to say or write even a single word that one of them takes offense to, and then the author becomes the target of a feeding frenzy, and (e) SJWs are very high-maintenance, and being on their good graces mean trotting the party line very closely and nodding to everything the queen bees say even if the person actually doesn’t agree with the common opinion – eventually the person would snap and become a pariah in the ensuing feeding frenzy.

Actual readers who buy books – the ones that pay the author’s bill – don’t play full time SJWs because, really, who has the time when there are so many things to do?

Anyway, as RuPaul sums it up so well, here’s the TL;DR:

If they are not paying your bills, pay them no mind.

On the other hand
If you want to troll them, it is actually very easy. These SJWs exist in an environment that is basically an echo chamber, so they have a hard time separating trolls from their own rank. This is especially when these SJWs thrive on hyperbole – all men are rapist bastards, all doctors who tell fat women to lose weight are fat-shamers, etc – and thus, they tend to accept even the most hilariously absurd hyperbole from any troll at face value. A few years back, trolls entertained themselves by submitting only slightly modified scenes from children’s cartoons to one of the largest and most absurd anti-thin people Tumblrs out there, This Is Thin Privilege. Because things have become so absurd on the fat farm side, the Tumblr fatties couldn’t tell apart the troll posts and the earnest posts submitted by crazy fat cows, and therefore, lots of hilarity were had when these fatties started using the ridiculous troll posts to back up their insistence that diabetes and heart diseases are conspiracy theories concocted by the patriarchy to shame fat women (I am not kidding). But it is easy to get bored quickly, though, as SJWs can be quite predictable when they are prodded. Not to mention, things can backfire and you end up at the wrong side of a doxxing. Don’t poke the crazy, I still say, just leave them be in their oppression olympics bubble of perpetual self-victimization.

Yes, I’m aware that I am prodding the crazy with this blog post. What the heck, I’ll take one for the team… if they dare show up here.

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3 responses to “Why You Should Not Listen to SJWs

  1. Susan

    Hey Mrs Giggles, first time commenter here, and your post hits the nail right on its proverbial head. I’m not on-line much theses days, and am not on GR or social media (FB/Twitter) but occasionally I do visit some authors’ Twitter/FB sites, because there are, at times, links to interesting historical articles, or a rec for a book that isn’t genre romance. Needless to say, my pocket book is fuller for I have dropped many a romance author for seeing idiotic tweets–the latest was a popular m/m writer for her constant stream of woe-be-martyr-ish attitude. I suppose in a round-about way the author was trying to raise awareness of the plight of those in need??? All I could think of *is that poor single-mother, if she happens to see those scornful tweets. I’ve also dropped certain review blogs for the hypocrisy, all in the name of buy-links/selling ad space. But the *swarm & attack* mentally coming from grown women is worse, imo, than in the actual school yard. But then one has to wonder why bullying still continues in schools. Parents setting fine examples for future generation of bullies. But back to the world of romance… at the age of 51 my world isn’t going to fall apart–or the world in general, for that matter–if I miss the latest romance book everyone else is squeezing about. I should also say, I’ve never bought in to the concept that an author’s life ought to be on the world stage for all her fans to see, or that readers are entitled to know everything about their favorite authors. Call me old skool. Thanks for the post–my husband, too, thinks its on par with what’s wrong with society.

  2. The M/M community tend to be the worst culprits. Writing about perfect, beautiful people while complaining about discrimination and lack of diversity, and all those straight women deciding what is best for LGBT people, LOL, and spreading this bizarre attitude that writing and reading M/M romances automatically make you an ally of LGBT people.

  3. María

    Dear Mrs Giggles:
    As always, you have described with wit and clarity the obnoxious problems of the self-appointed dictators of the Internet “morality”.
    I agree wholeheartedly with all your comments, but the thing that I cannot stand of these SJWs is their constant necessity of reaffirmation, the exhausting “I’m beautiful and marvelous, and all of you must praise me come hell or high water” motto that their bear like a shield against the reality of their own faults or scarcities, while lecturing the world about all the things to avoid to not trigger their always delicate sensibilities.

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