How the Left Builds Up Milo Yiannopoulos

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Milo: Letting his detractors do his dirty work for him

Milo Yiannopoulos is openly gay and loves to profess his love for oversized penises of black men. He often dresses up in public like a cartoon villain, but just enough without going over the top. Furthermore, he is master at reading a room. He can be vulgar and crude, but he will turn down the smarm and up the charm when the situation arises so that he will always have the audience eating from his hands. More importantly, Milo is Republican, claims to be Catholic, and openly supports Donald Trump while making fun of the left in the process. He is the perfect agent provocateur: just by being, he makes the lunatic and moronic factions of the left do all the dirty work for him.

2017 is starting out fabulous for him. He recently announced that he had a $250,000 book deal with Simon & Schuster, and the moronic factions of the left reacted predictably, making the book, Dangerous, even more popular and sending the book to the number spot on the Amazon preorder list for a while. At the time of writing, 160 young adult authors virtue signalled by sending a pointless letter reprimanding Simon & Schuster for wanting to publish a book by someone they don’t agree with (apparently, it’s a left agenda now to want to control who gets to say, do, and publish things in the “free” world). These are authors making a fool of themselves over a book that has not yet been published and has no preview available anywhere at the time of writing – in other words, they are trying to censor someone whose politics they don’t agree with. Would these authors like it if the same thing happened to them, when 160 other authors write to protest over the publication of their books? So much for free speech – I guess for these moronic factions of the left, it’s only democracy and what not as long as the world does and says and thinks the way these people want them to.

He continues his college tour, The Dangerous Faggot, but his talks are often cancelled due to disruptive behavior of the college left-leaning students (the latest, which I linked to, was cancelled due to these college kids smashing windows in protest). Again, business as usual. The more these stupid college kids behave like uncivilized monkeys, the more Milo’s mystique grows.

Why is the Left doing this? That’s what I want to know. I do not agree with much of Milo’s politics, but I can only cringe when I see his detractors and opponents constantly falling right into his traps. Are they so blinded by their own self-righteousness that they do not see what they are doing?

By building up Milo’s book Dangerous to be something so vile and taboo, they are only increasing its allure to casual people who otherwise won’t have heard of the book. I have a feeling that the book will be far less harmless than what these people make it out to be. It’d be an entertaining collection of articles that skewer the excesses of his detractors, make fun of the fanatics, and mock the joke that is what third wave feminism and affirmative action has become these days. By constantly making out Milo’s talks to be a cross between a KKK and Nazi orgy party, they will drive curious people to look him up on his YouTube channel. They will find, instead, a well-spoken and entertaining performer-speaker. This and the videos showing the hilariously embarrassing antics of his detractors will only make his detractors look more foolish in these people’s eyes, and hence undermine the detractors.

It’s no surprise that Milo’s biggest fan base is at the grassroot college campus level – his popularity, I suspect, lies heavily in the backlash against the state of liberal colleges in the US, which has been overtaken by third wave feminists and trans activists, these factions themselves hijacked by spoiled rich women and transtrender snowflakes who are often louder than they are educated and intelligent.

Instead of empowering women to protect themselves from rape, for example, these morons would instead hammer into male students that they are all rapists in the making, brimming with “toxic masculinity” and what not, so if these men do not subject themselves to the castigation of these gender studies women 24/7, they would be worthless examples of those “cis white males” that they, the media, and everyone else hammer on all day, all night. Instead of going after actual rapists, they persecute guys who may actually respect women for all they know, in this hideous “all males are rapists until proven otherwise” dogma. If you are a white male kid, and you are told by everyone and everywhere that you are responsible for everything from racism to slavery to misogyny to Brexit to whatever, and here is Milo, who tells you in a way that makes you smile and laugh, that those people are wrong and you can actually do better by being part of a party that appreciates you for who you are, won’t you say yes and ask where you can sign up?

It’s the same with the transtrenders. By insisting that gender is fluid, and hence it is somehow transphobic for lesbians to refuse to have sex with men who call themselves “trans women lesbians” and have penises still attached down there, they help drive more tolerant lesbians into what they call trans-exclusionary radical feminism (TERF), which does not recognize the right of trans women to be called, well, women. TERF is normally something I don’t agree with, but with idiots like Riley J Dennis around, who calls himself a “trans woman lesbian” while at the same time refusing to even get hormones (apparently, just wearing women’s clothes is enough, according to him, to be qualify as a trans woman), who also espouse this bewildering dogma that people should not base sexuality on their genitalia and it is “discriminatory” for lesbians to not want to sleep with “women with penises” (read: him), is it so hard to see why some lesbians would say, “Screw this! I’m going TERF! To hell with these men pressuring and guilt-tripping me into sleeping with them!”? With these “trans activists” alienating factions in the LGBT community, arguments of TERF-y people like Magdalen Berns are starting to make more sense. And the true victims here are the actual trans people who just want to live the way they are comfortable with – they never asked to be straddled with the baggage associated to those “trans activists” who are most likely self-diagnosed and never even experienced gender dysphoria.

What I am trying to say here is that people like Milo are created by these nonsensical loud, but dumb factions of the Left. Milo and the like are the manifestation of a faction of people who are tired of the increasingly tyrannical, smug, and censorious crowd that won’t let them get a word in and will also get violent and destructive if things don’t go their way. These are the people who tire of these loud creatures – most of them college kids, academia people, and pampered Hollywood celebrities who have never wiped their own rear ends in a long time, if ever – insisting that microaggressions, using the wrong pronouns, and white straight people are the biggest evils in the world. I suspect that this is also the reason why we have Brexit and President Donald J Trump – the Left has gone so far off the deep end into self-parody that the common person may not see them as in touch with their own needs and hopes. Voting for a President just because it will be good to have a female President or because a slew of Hollywood celebrities show up from their all-white gated enclaves once every few years to berate them to vote for “their best interests” – oh come on, like that is going to work.

A quick and fast way to defuse the power of people like Milo is to stop giving them attention. Milo says this himself. But for some reason, the very people who should take this advice just won’t, hence Milo’s growing popularity with each indignant screeching and ranting from his detractors. The more hyperbole they throw at him, the more fascinating he becomes to other people. Long-term solutions would involve rebuilding the Left, re-examining their priorities, and forcing the loudest, screechy “feminists”, “trans-activists”, “diversity police”, and other so-called activists in their party to read a book instead of complaining that examinations are racist, discriminatory, and triggering. But good luck with that one. Ironically, perhaps four years of President Trump may be a good thing if this forces an introspection and epiphany. Judging from the petty, childish way these people are currently behaving, though, I won’t be holding my breath.

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