Bad Moon Rising by Leeanne Kenedy

Posted by Mrs Giggles on June 8, 2007 in 2 Oogies, Book Reviews, Genre: Contemporary

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Bad Moon Rising by Leeanne Kenedy
Bad Moon Rising by Leeanne Kenedy

Samhain Publishing, $2.50, ISBN 1-59998-576-4
Contemporary Romance, 2007

Author Leeanne Kenedy has an annoying way of writing. She does this. Using very short sentences. I don’t know why. Do these short sentences make the story seem more profound? Maybe. I suppose. But I don’t know. It is annoying. All these short sentences.

Bad Moon Rising sees our heroine Hailey Burke, trying to get over the blues of her lawyer ex screwing his secretary, and her buddies busy having fun with gorgeous men by getting drunk. She ends up in bed with Zack Creighton. I think that previous sentence is longer than any sentence in this story. Anyway, Hailey doesn’t like Zack because he’s slept with both her roommates and he also goes to the same gym as her ex (which means he probably knows all along that she was being cheated on by her ex). Now that I think of it, Hailey’s right. Zack does come off as one sleazy player.

But since they’ve already done the deed, I suppose it makes sense that they date. She even tells him that she wants to sleep with him ever since she caught him shagging her roommate in their apartment. I tell you, Ms Kenedy sure can pack a punch when it comes to TMI in those compact short little sentences of hers.

There is an exaggerated quality to Zack’s sexuality that… I don’t know, perhaps it’s just a matter of my taste level differing from the author’s, but I don’t find the hero sleeping with the heroine’s girlfriends appealing or sexy, for example. This story is short, so basically the plot is this: heroine sleeps with hero, heroine discovers that hero likes her, heroine learns that her friends had only casual sex with Zack so Zack isn’t that kind of player (hurrah!), and therefore it’s off to la-la-land the two of them go. I really don’t know, Ms Kenedy, I really don’t find this story romantic or sexy at all. The whole thing feels like a Jerry Springer show waiting to happen.