Aura by BrunuhVille

Posted by Mrs Giggles on December 30, 2015 in 4 Oogies, Music Reviews, Type: New Age / 3 Comments

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Aura by Brunuhville
Aura by Brunuhville

New Age, 2013


From the opening track, the soaring title track, all the way to the last one, King of the North, BrunuhVille is intent on bringing majestic anthems that would be right at home in either fantasy video games or epic fantasy movies. There are the obligatory female soprano wailing over some of these tracks, and even the names of the tracks are straight out of the fantasy genre: The White Forest, Hymn to Eternity, Dance with Dragons, Draig Llofrudd (that’s “Dragon Slayer” in Welsh), and so forth. Lots of dramatic strings, piano, and the occasional wind instrument all add to the atmosphere.

While Aura doesn’t offer anything new or innovative, the tracks here all have their distinctive kind of vibe and atmosphere, therefore preventing this tracks here from blurring together and become one long elevator track – a problem that plagues many new age albums out there. The Celtic influences here are stronger than some of BrunuhVille’s other works, which is nice as I have a fondness for such music. With non-stop drama from start to finish, this one makes a very pleasant replacement for the music of those Bioware or Bathesda fantasy games.

All in all, Aura is basically another result of BrunuhVille in action. If you have listened to his works before, this one won’t contain many surprises, but this one has enough memorable moments to make it one of his more interesting works in his catalog.

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3 responses to “Aura by BrunuhVille

  1. Alexandria

    If only I could shag Nick Valentine. But alas. (This album sounds like my cuppa though, thanks for the rec!)

  2. MacCready for me. I don’t know – maybe it’s that sad puppy voice and self-depreciation that clashes with his rogue/thief aspects. Plus, he’s one of the most handy companions to have around, especially since I personally hate, hate, hate the game’s (and Elder Scrolls’) lock picking system.

    Too bad the rest of the romance is quite… heh. I mean, okay, no sex scenes, fine, but MacCready gets out of bed after a night of passion and draws his gun the first thing. And I talk to my companions by pointing my gun at them first. LOL.