Atlantis Underwater Tycoon (2003)

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Atlantis Underwater Tycoon (2003)
Atlantis Underwater Tycoon (2003)

Developer: Activision Value
Played on: PC

Me running an underwater colony called Atlantis? Sounds fabulous, sign me up!

And then, I realize the following:

  • The graphics are quite awful – being too pixelated at times.
  • The game is in 3D, which means I have to do a lot of acrobatic scrolling and “hold left mouse, move mouse up or down or left or right” maneuvers.
  • I can’t see inside the buildings.
  • The algorithms make no sense. Sometimes I am told that a building has negative happiness percentage but nothing in the manual and guidebook tells me what this means or what I can do to improve it.

There are plenty of interesting missions to play and there is also the obligatory sandbox gameplay mode but getting there gives me a big headache, a pained wrist, and plenty of confusion. I’d say, just let Atlantis Underwater Tycoon sink.


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