Are These “Real” Authors to You?

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You are a big fan of an author, say, let’s call her Millie Apple. Her books are fun, you can’t wait for her next one, so you decide to see what she is up to online. Now, what happens if you find that Millie is any of the below? Will you still be able to enjoy her next book? Will you still be able to respect her, think of her works as “genuine”?

The Multi-Genre Entrepreneur
This person has a dozen pen names at one time, and Millie is just one of them. She makes it clear that if Millie’s books stumble when it comes to sales, she’d discard that pen name and start another. She is constantly hitting up author’s forums for tips and advice on writing story lines in genres that are hot at that moment. It doesn’t matter whether she’s fond of the genre or not, if something hits the bestseller list, you will find one of her many, or maybe even several, pseudonyms coming up with clones of the bestseller.

The PhD Holder from the James Patterson University
This person takes the time honored tradition of hiring ghostwriters to write stories patterned after hottest selling stuff on the lists, and smack a pseudonym Millie Apple over the cover. When she makes it big, she gives interviews talking about her “hard journey” to being an author, while her website is full of tips and advice such as writing the book of your heart and what not (are those ghostwritten?). Under her real name, constantly hits author forums soliciting ghostwriters who’d work preferably for cheap.

The Author Who Doesn’t Really Exist Anymore
The name on the cover of the bestselling series isn’t no longer the person who initially started the series. It’s now actually a business model, put together by the publisher after a fall-out with the original author, and now anonymous paid-for-hire authors are the actual people writing those books that the fans of the original author are enjoying. It is possible that the original Millie Apple is still writing, but she is contractually forbidden to use that name for her books now.

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