And If We Dream (1985)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on May 3, 2019 in 1 Oogie, Idiot Box Reviews, Series: The Hitchhiker

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And If We Dream (1985)
And If We Dream (1985)

Main cast:Stephen Collins (Todd Fields), Roberta Weiss (Roseanne Lucas), Brian Doole (Catelya), Nicholas Kilbertus (Quinlay), Bronwen Mantel (Iris Lucas), Mitch Martin (Lynn Fields), and Page Fletcher (The Hitchhiker)
Director: Mai Zetterling

And If We Dream (1985)

In And If We Dream, Todd Fields is a married school teacher who teaches photography and dreams of moving to the city in order to become a more established photographer. He also wants the seductive student of his, Roseanne Lucas, as she is easily the hottest thirty-year old pretending to be a high school student in his class. So they do it, and when he tries to break the whole thing off the morning after, she reveals that she doesn’t even need to do that tired Fatal Attraction shtick. That’s right, her mind is magical or something, and she can trap her boyfriends (physically, mind you) inside it!

The whole thing is dumb, and this boring, plodding episode is just an excuse to show off Roberta Weiss’s bosom. Assholes – they could have at least shown a nice close-up of Stephen Collins’s rear end or something. Why am I still watching this increasingly dire series again?

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