Ancestry by Toni L Meilleur

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Ancestry by Toni L Meilleur
Ancestry by Toni L Meilleur

Liquid Silver Books, $5.50, ISBN 978-1-59578-484-1
Sci-fi Romance, 2008

Ancestry is a genuine sequel to Alliances. The same characters are back and the story continues from where the previous book left off. This story really cannot stand alone so you have been warned, folks. Read the previous story first.

I’ll keep the synopsis as brief as possible so as to not spoil the previous story too much. Allantra has left Khaelen to seek out her kind, the purebloods, only to find herself in trouble when she finds herself held captive by a tribe for trespassing onto their lands. Having stumbled upon her people in the land called Kynn, her reception is far from warm. Dharean, the enforcer of the tribe, plays the dour, serious, and randy stereotype who will get the hots for Allantra even as he mistrusts her.

Yes, so now our feisty and sarcastic heroine is now torn between a vampire, sorry, vampyre and a shapeshifter. Sex, presented in convoluted twists of events like dreams and destiny and what not. If you ask me, this story has turned into a Laurell K Hamilton wannabe with native/shamanic pretensions.

This one is readable, the heroine isn’t too annoying, but the whole story is so much like yet another “special heroine/vampire/werewolf” knock-off of you-know-who that I can only wonder why oh why we need yet another one of those stories. Don’t we already have enough? At any rate, I’ve overdosed on generic and unexceptional stories that try very hard to emulate the formula of the current bestselling urban fantasy trend. If you still have room for one more of those stories, hey, be my guest and knock yourself out. Just don’t mind me – I’ve read way too many of these stories and this one doesn’t have anything particularly outstanding to stand out among the glut.

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