Alpha Heat by Crystal Kauffman

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Alpha Heat by Crystal Kauffman
Alpha Heat by Crystal Kauffman

Liquid Silver Books, $3.99, ISBN 978-1-59578-832-0
Sci-fi Romance, 2011

Wham! Our hero, Commander Jace Weston, uses his authority as an Universal Guard to get himself into the harem of Prince Gabar solo (shouldn’t a Commander, you know, command some troops?) to catch a fugitive of the law when he comes across the harem guards dragging our heroine Princess Tamara Obian for more “training” sessions. Clearly, this lady is too spirited for our Prince’s liking.

Bedazzled by her nipples visible through translucent cloth and such purty blonde hair, among other things, Jace gets his chance at getting to know this dumb bunny better when his target uses our heroine as a hostage in his escape plan and Jace shows up in time to stop her from being raped by that reptilian alien.

Dang. I was rather hoping for some cheesy lizard sex to liven up my day.

Alpha Heat won’t be a work of art, but it’s actually an enjoyable slice of cheese with plenty of elements reminiscent of the more campy science-fiction romps of the 1970s. Tamara is a dumb bunny, but she’s a fun kind of dumb bunny whose silliness never becomes too toxic. Jace is Jace, an all around beefcake who will gallantly save you from being raped by S-S-Slithe’s uglier brother and discreetly takes in all your luscious body parts on display. The pacing never lets up and the whole thing makes me laugh, really.

I’d recommend this one if you are looking for a quick, fluffy, but cheeky campy story of space love. Of course, this means that you shouldn’t take this story seriously or there will be unhappy circumstances for everyone.

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