Advertising & Promotional Opportunities

If you come here hoping to find information on advertising and other promotional activities on this website, we have some unhappy news: we don’t have the time or inclination to participate in blog tours or make space for people to advertise on this website.


We do, oh believe me, we do, but here’s the thing. Nearly everybody these days has some adblock program on their browser. We use it too. We’d also wager good money that those people who tell others to whitelist their websites, so that the ads on those websites would show and help them make money, well, those people have adblock installed on their browsers too. Because nobody likes ads, and the people who claim they do are lying. Therefore, we personally feel that buying ads on websites and blogs is a waste of money, since most people won’t see them. Hence, for now, we can’t in good conscience charge people for such a “service”.

Furthermore, once we accept money for services, it is a slippery downhill slope from there. Yes, some people would say that it is possible to separate monetary services from editorial independence. Is that true? Possibly, but we personally feel that once we get used to the idea of getting money from people, we will not want the revenue stream to end. In fact, we would like to want even more money. From that point, we may just slip up and start conceding more of our editorial independence in pursuit of all that money.

Other websites may be able to keep their editorial independence, but we doubt we have the moral or mental fortitude to even try when people wave money in front of us. It’s probably best that we don’t test our resolve too much.


So many content on such things are recycled canned “interviews” and “book reveal” stuff that are repeated across blogs. What’s the point?

Also, blog tour organizers get paid to do these things, but participating blogs don’t. The rationale for participation is for blogs to get eyeballs when the author hops from one blog to another, and readers presumably will follow too. But honestly, what are the chances of readers doing that? This place doesn’t need more eyeballs, we already have enough to keep our ego satiated.


We may be happy to do an interview with you, we suppose, if you have something interesting to say, like your collection of Chairman Mao paraphernalia or how your polyamorous relationships with sixteen different people inspired your latest story. But if you’re only interested in promoting your new book, there are enough blogs and websites out there that would do that for you.

Remember, we are always within reach – just drop us a note!