Wee on a Jellyfish Sting by Tracey Turner

Wee on a Jellyfish Sting by Tracey Turner

Bonkers Books, £6.99, ISBN 978-1-407116-50-1
General Trivia, 2010


“Disgusting” or “gross” trivia-based educational books for kids are basically a clich√© these days, but this is one bandwagon I can’t object. Anything to get the kids interested in science, history, and such is always okay with me. And, really, I have to say that Wee on a Jellyfish Sting is a title that intrigues me right away, as there are few things less fun than telling annoying adults how wrong they are.

Here’s a short test. Is each statement true or false?

  • Napoleon Bonaparte was very short.
  • There are nine planets in the Solar System.
  • You can repair split ends of your hair.
  • Boomerangs came from Australia.

If you answer “Yes!” to any of the above, or heaven forbid, all of them, then yes, you may find this book a pretty entertaining and enlightening read. The subjects covered run gamut from geography to history to all kinds of sciences, so there is something for everybody. I personally find this easy to read, the illustrations are kitschy and cute without becoming too cute, and there is no awkward forced attempts to sound hip or cute. The whole thing is just so very readable, perfect for long trips or difficult toilet sessions. It’s published as a hardcover, so yes, it’s perfectly fine for reading in the bathroom or the toilet, I’m just saying.

The only downside here is that, despite being marketed as one of those wacky funny books, this one isn’t very funny. I personally don’t mind this, since, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I like the spontaneous and unforced nature of the whole thing here. Younger kids may quickly lose interest because of this, however, so maybe it’s best suited for kids in their mid-teens all the way to adults who don’t know any better.

You know, I really thought all this while that asking a hot guy to wee on one’s jellyfish sting is a perfectly legitimate excuse to admire the view without being sued for sexual harassment. I guess we need a better excuse now.

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