Shades of Purple by M2M

Posted October 4, 2000 by Mrs Giggles in 4 Oogies, Music Reviews, Type: Pop / 0 Comments.

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Shades of Purple by M2M

Shades of Purple by M2M

Pop, 2000


Two sweet-voiced Norwegian lasses of barely 16, Marit Larsen and Marion Raven, actually deliver a fine pop album under the name M2M. Sure, it can get a bit sugary at times, but there’s enough depths under the great, catchy pop tunes to make Shades of Purple an enjoyable affair.

Of course, being young and carefree, the lasses – who co-wrote many of the tunes here – packed tales of puppy love and heartbreak that anyone young-at-heart can identify with. The best tune is still the pro-celibacy tune Don’t Say You Love Me – it is a catchy affair with a message that doesn’t come off as preachy. Then there’s the woe and regret in Mirror Mirror and The Day You Went Away, both fine tunes that sustain enough melancholy while remaining exuberant pop in nature.

Of course, one can go “serious music fan” mode and start ranting about the fluffy nature of M2M’s music. But these lasses manage to pack a punch while remaining sweet and cheery. Sun, fun, and oh yes, those pesky creatures called boys – M2M got the whole thing down pat.

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