Gold by ᗅBBᗅ

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Gold by ᗅBBᗅ

Gold by ᗅBBᗅ

Pop, 1992


Oh, those late 1970’s and early 1980’s. ABBA has come and gone, but their legacy of music lives on. Hopefully their horrific fashion sense and haircut (the CD booklet photos of Gold are not recommended for those with weak hearts) will remain forever a dodgy moment in pop history, but ooh, their catchy choruses and irresistible summer pop are definitely something to celebrate.

This compilation packs all of the fashion-disaster quartet’s hits. There’s no escaping the exuberant Dancing Queen or the dodgy but kitschy Money Money Money. My favorite is actually Knowing Me, Knowing You which is actually a bittersweet song made into a perfect summer anthem to sing along to while burning all of one’s ex-boyfriend’s things in ritual cleansing ceremonies. (I’m not talking from experience, honest.)

And I still cannot resist the mournful-yet-uplifting Fernando, with its wonderful chorus. And ah yes, Chiquitita, perfect for snuggling up to a loved one for a bittersweet Kodak moment.

Then ABBA goes disco. While I wouldn’t be caught dead in public shaking my booty to the stomping’ Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight), my booty can’t stop its moving to this tune even when I’m washing the dishes. And Take a Chance on Me and Voulez Vous brings me awful memories of bubble hairsprays and Grease, but there’s no denying these tunes are some of the best fun songs around.

The only dodgy moment I find is Does Your Momma Know, which only drive home that ABBA’s vocals are best left to the ladies.

Still, Gold is not only an excellent revisit to the career of the brilliantly dodgy ABBA, but it is the perfect pop album to dance, cuddle, and laugh over the silly old days when we are all younger, sillier, and freer. ABBA, Thank You for the Music indeed.

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